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Where is Your Ad Agency?

A recent poll among agency leaders nationwide showed clearly the strong fault lines running through the industry. Agencies are divided almost equally into three groups. Put yourself into one of the groups.   Breathing & Afraid 33% of US agencies recently polled consider themselves barely alive and thereby afraid to take any action. For these agencies […]

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Client Negotiation: A Lesson From Steve Jobs

What is at the heart of any negotiation? Two people trying to find a way to do business together.   But how well equipped are agencies to negotiate in order to win – and keep – clients? Agencies often don’t know how to negotiate effectively and have a tendency to undervalue and undersell their services. […]

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Ad Agency Branding: Things I Think I Know Today, Could Change Tomorrow

I recently wrote about how DraftFCB announced its new brand is now just FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding), totally dropping the iconic name Draft.   In that article I wrote:   Many years ago, I wrote how sad it was for J. Walter Thompson, long an icon of Madison Avenue, to be re-launched under the […]

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In New Business You Must Take the Lead, Keep the Lead, and Win!

Sometimes we come across a marketing firm that really wants a new business win.   Somehow they were able to get the opportunity, only to let the everyday distractions get in the way. Time, opportunity, and eventually the prospect all slip by. We all do it: get distracted, and fail at the little things that […]

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Dazed And Confused: Tips For Running an Ad Agency

During our work with thousands of high performing ad agencies (and scores of ‘lower’ performers), we have identified a few ingredients that help create a nimble and highly profitable firm.   If you want to understand how an ad agency operates, you must first understand the crazy world they live in. Change drives everything in […]

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Building Relationships In A Pitch

  I was recently published in iMedia Communications with an article on 10 relationship tips to win the pitch:   It’s not always easy to discern what makes the best creative. Which qualities are the most important? One thing is for sure: The best presentation usually wins. But what makes a winning presentation? Consider the […]

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