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Tips To Win More New Business

Win More New Business!

You CAN win more new business! The books all state that the president of the agency has to do new business. The AAAA’s state that you must have $10 million in billings before you can hire a new business professional. This can cause a rub if your agency falls below that level – or if you’re a president who […]

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How Any Agency Can Survive in This New Era

The marketing communications industry is experiencing change on a colossal scale.   Not since the introduction of television have so many profound currents converged to change the course of the ‘traditional’ agency. Whether it’s digital, the continuing wave of consolidation, the real prospect of integrated marketing communications, or the possibilities of social, agencies must look […]


Ad Agency Creative Approach To Leadership

Agencies must be prepared to implement creative new approaches to reach and communicate with clients and consumers.   This may take a new approach to develop best practices, new ideas, and growth. As many of you know our firm has specialized in teaching agencies how to grow and improve operations in the advertising industry for the […]

Ad Agency Strategic Plan Development

Ad Agency Strategic Plan Development

These are tough times for the traditional advertising firm.   The fundamentals of marketing are changing, traditional forms of advertising no longer get the same bang-for-the-buck, and digital is gaining more and more market share. Clients are more fickle than ever, jumping from one agency to another. In order to survive and prosper, you can’t […]

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