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Structure can be the hidden productivity killer.

Typical Ad Agency Organizational Structure Alternatives

Changing the organizational chart does NOT equal operational excellence.   Structure is not the enemy, or the Holy Grail – it is only a tool that supports the brand. Structure provides the foundation for resource management and reconciliation – only! Agencies that are masters in the Art of Operations can work in any “structure.” Operations knowledge, […]

Tough prospects are slow to trust people.

DOs And DON’Ts On Visiting A New Business Prospect

A client will never hire an ad agency. A client will always hire someone, whom they trust, who happens to work at an ad agency.   The agency comes along with the person they want to work with. They hire someone they with whom they have a relationship, someone they like and trust. Becoming known […]

New Business Outreach Support

Going the Extra Mile: Support Your New Business Outreach

Reaching out to prospects should be the centerpiece of any ad agency’s new business activity.   New business outreach should drive the allocation of resources — not just budgets but the use of time and materials as well. All too often, agencies fail to properly support outreach. But what type of support is truly needed?   […]

Tips To Win More New Business

Win More New Business!

You CAN win more new business! The books all state that the president of the agency has to do new business. The AAAA’s state that you must have $10 million in billings before you can hire a new business professional. This can cause a rub if your agency falls below that level – or if you’re a president who […]

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