It’s Tough to Know Where You’re Going… When You Don’t Know What Direction to Go!

no more quick fixes

A whole new approach to growth.

Over the last thirty years, of all the help we’ve provided marketing communications firms, creative agencies, pr shops, design firms, digital shops, and on and on, it’s our strategic advice and counsel they find most valuable.

Many agency presidents turn to us when it comes to improving their agency. We work with a wide variety of agencies from around the world. This perspective gives us opportunities that few firms ever enjoy, seeing the world’s best agencies up close and personal. We know what works and what is fantasy. And we help you avoid trial and error and that keeps you at the front of the line.

Challenge With New Business 

There is no secret manual providing clear direction on how to build and grow a successful marketing communications firm. Check out our list of new business challenges and see if any ring true. Sanders Consulting Group has a wide range of learning programs for agencies to improve agency growth including DayOne, Chemistry Wins New Business, Presenting To Win, Accounts in Review, Benefit Testing and many more.

Challenge With Operational Success

Sanders Consulting Groups regularly consults with some of the world’s best managed agencies in the areas of operational improvement covering a wide variety of disciplines from internal quality control, service delivery improvement, agency structure, and management teamwork to learning how agencies can work better with today’s new breed of clients. Go here for some insight into what we call the Art Of Agency Operations.

Profitability Solutions

Is profitability your primary objective? Or is long-term growth your goal? What is your market value? Do you know your worth? Do you grow your best employees along with your business? What is the right time to sell? Or is the right time to expand? The most obvious place profit is discovered is in your agency. Agencies have many ways to grow. If you don’t get a handle on running your agency it won’t matter what you do – give us a call and let us help you discover your way to profitability.

In-house Training Department

Our new line up of high-quality training programs makes us a perfect fit with your agency. We can be there helping you improve the performance of your staff with better skills, procedures and methods when you need us. We pioneered the concept of just-in-time-training for agencies because few agencies have the resources or talent to develop their own training materials. It’s a lot more economical to use ours.

Let Us Energize Your Next Meeting

Here’s how it works. You have an audience. You’ve got a time slot to fill. And we’ve got the interest. Over the years our best new business tool has been our public speaking at conferences, open houses, ad club meetings and more. That’s the reason we don’t look at our public speaking as a profit center but more of a new business expense that we try to balance out. This doesn’t mean we shill from your podium which is in very poor taste. What it means is that people hear us present real solutions, how to solve difficult problems that trouble their organizations, and then they want to use us to help their firm grow, keep clients, or improve operations in some way. And that’s the way it works. Click here for a list of typical speaking topics.

So if you’ve got an audience and a time slot, then give us a call. You’ll find that we’ll be most helpful in getting you audience energized at a rate you can afford. history of Sanders Consulting Group. will be very disappointed if our part of your program isn’t judged most helpful and most fun. We always are.

Independent Advertising Agency Networks

Economic and competitive pressures, client and staff expectations have led most agencies to focus energies and resources on the here-and-now. Leaders at these smaller and mid-sized agencies need ongoing support in the areas of business development, financial management, operations management, training & skills development, information technology and issues of sale, merger and succession. Many industries are effectively served by well organized, experienced and substantial network organizations – and ours is no exception.

As you contemplate the immediate needs and targeted objectives for your agency, take a moment to consider investing in a resource that will make a difference to you, your staff and your agency.

We Want To Earn Your Trust

We work in the world’s most difficult practice area because we deal directly with owners and operators of the best advertising agencies around. These presidents and CEOs wrote the book on entrepreneurial practices. They have no time for wasted time. They can spare no energy to chase castles in the air or to build empires on sand. You know because you’re probably just like that yourself.

What can we offer someone like you? Perhaps a lot. And then again, perhaps nothing at all. But we feel it’s in both our interests to find out. You see Sanders Consulting Group works only for creative agencies. We are on your side. We do no work for clients. And in today’s volatile market place, few consultants can claim that. We believe agencies need more friends like us.

Give us a chance to show how we can help. But first we need to understand your situation better. Give us a call. It’s the smart way to proceed. The number is 412.897.9329

Or email Bob and request a time to chat – [email protected]


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