We’ve been a leader in helping the marketing communications industry grow for over thirty years.

If you want to compare credentials, our track record for helping agencies and marketing communication companies of all types grow and improve is unparalleled. As a starter, we’ve worked with agencies in every state in the US and in over 50 countries around the world.

We’ve led the switch to full-time staffing of the new business position, pioneered the use of chemistry to help agencies win more business, showed agencies the importance of moving strongly into branding, led the move to run around presentations with all types of fast-closing techniques, and along the way helped agencies win some of the biggest accounts in the world.

Background on Stuart Sanders: Founder of Sanders Consulting Group

Guru of growth

Stuart Sanders
Guru Of Growth

Stuart Sanders is a Virginia native and was born in Richmond near many Civil War battlefields. He was the oldest son with a younger brother and sister. His father was a successful wholesale paint distributor, with salesmen covering the surrounding states calling on hardware stores, home centers, and decorating outlets.

Stuart after graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in history but a love for sales, writing, and promotions, joined GE’s management training program and was assigned to a nuclear production facility that GE operated under contract for the Federal government in Washington State, the Hanford Atomic Range.

His new business prowess caught the attention of industry headhunters, and he was recruited to join Cargill Wilson & Acree, at that time the largest agency in the Southeast. A year after joining the firm, the agency was purchased by BBDO and consolidated into Atlanta. Stuart left Cargill and joined a small regional agency as head of account service and new business director. The next year, the firm was honored by ADWEEK magazine as the fastest-growing agency in the Southeast.

Stuart took a turn into corporate training working with a leading international training organization calling on Fortune 500 companies across the South. But he missed the advertising business and after three years returned to the business with a dedication to help agencies improve by building staff competency. He worked at a subsidiary of The Martin Agency in Richmond as director of account service and head of new business. He quickly taught the staff many of the training materials he had learned in the corporate world. The agency grew rapidly and Stuart decided to take his expertise to other agencies as an consultant and opened Sanders Consulting Group in his hometown.

Stuart’s consulting business grew quickly, and he gained an international reputation as a new business expert, with nearly half his business some years coming from overseas assignments. He became an industry strategist, working with agencies on a wide variety of client-retention issues; management concerns such as exit planning, M&A, partner problems; and more. He helped pioneer the agency restructuring movement, the swing to teams, and the growth of branding as a strategy for maintaining C-level contact.

Several years ago, Stuart moved the corporate headquarters to Florida to take advantage of the better weather, the strong business climate, the fishing, plus the opportunity to offer agency leaders a comfortable place to meet for planning and strategy sessions during the fall, winter, and spring. The move has been very successful, with better flight avails from three international airports and a chance to offer morning fishing or golf outings and afternoon work sessions to agency management from across the U.S.

World Leaders In Marketing Firm Growth

leaders in agency growth

New Business Hawk &
Guru Of Growth

And the good news is that the beat keeps going on, because the torch has been passed to a new generation. Sanders Consulting Group is now being led by Bob Sanders, an industry expert with over twenty years new business experience, as president and CEO. He’s taken over for the company founder, Stuart Sanders, who is active in a more limiting way as advisor and writer and contributor.

Bob has had extensive background in the firm and in consulting with marketing communication companies of all sizes, shapes and conditions. It’s rare if you can find a challenge he hasn’t helped agencies face and win over.

As a prospective client of Sanders Consulting, you’ll be impressed at our extensive roster of agency and industry-specific training programs. It’s unique in the industry. And you’ll like the wide variety of ways we deliver this learning to you, consisting of on-site sessions at your firm, plus training and consulting by phone, webinar and video. We work with you any way that makes sense.

And we have a number of unique payment programs that will help balance your need for growth with your ability to fund the learning that helps make that growth possible. There are no minimums, no contracts, and no limits on the way we’ll stretch to help you win.

As we say, now might be a good time to forget about just surviving and learn how to grow.

If so, give us a call.

Bob Sanders