An agency’s growth is usually tied to its ability to win more formal presentations.

best strategy wins

The best presentation strategy wins.

The difference is not that the winning agency could do better work than the losing agencies. Every agency in the pitch can do great work.

The difference is in perfecting the skills and strategies needed to win the account.

Presenting to Win trains agencies how to win those major presentations that have a chance to redefine the agency because of the account’s size, prestige, category or value. Agencies usually see these high-stake agency shoot-outs in one of two ways. First, many agencies view presentations as a game of chance or luck. Here the thinking continues that if an agency makes enough presentations, an opportunity to be selected will come up. Just do your best and hope for some good luck. The second false belief is “the best creative always wins.” This is rarely the case.

The agency that presents the best usually wins. 

Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of ad agencies, design firms, creative marketing companies of all shapes and sizes, and they all share one thing in common – the need to win new business in a competitive review.

Winning the big pitch is something we love. And it just so happens we’re damn good. We usually get called in when it’s what we call a defining moment – a win here will re-define who your firm is because of the type of account and its importance to your firm’s future. Some people call it the pitch you have to win. We want to help you win that pitch.

Learn How To Win The Big-Ones!

“We want to make your firm the most effective new business presentation machine in the market.”

Bob Sanders President, Sanders Consulting 

Presenting to Win is optimized to achieve the greatest success for your firm. The course is taught on-site at your agency. Attendees are taught the basic principles of personality profiling as a core competency skill set which is built upon throughout the course. We examine the buying profiles of prospects, logic trails, strategy development, and much much more.

At the end of the day you will have a clear understanding of how to take advantage of all the new presentation tools.

Training Objectives Include:

  • Understand how Chemistry is the secret to winning
  • Create a perfect pitch team profile
  • Improve the agency’s ability to win large and important account reviews
  • Learn a variety of presentation skills and strategies and the client situation in which each works best
  • Develop a total agency approach to presentations that increase an agency’s chance to win
  • Reduce the uproar and disruption most pitches create

To understand how to best win your next major account or to keep a key account from walking, call Bob Sanders at 412.897.9329 to set up a free one-hour consultation to discuss your opportunity.


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