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Discover how best to hit your targets.

For more than three decades, Sanders Consulting Group has worked with advertising, marketing communications, design, digital and entertainment firms to improve their bottom line. Our practice lead, Henry Corona’s consulting approach is to gain a deep understanding of each firm’s needs. Combining this analysis with best practices, new technologies and commitment to stay engaged through implementation, have earned us an unparalleled reputation and track record.

Comprehensive advisory services include:

  • Strategic Planning Success Strategies
  • Mergers: Integration, Sales and Acquisitions
  • Profit Improvement Plans and Fee Structures for Medium to Small Agencies
  • Agency Operations Designed for Profitability
  • Affiliation and Joint Ventures
  • Cross-town Mergers

We believe so strongly in developing deep, trust-based relationships with every one of our clients, that we’re going to share with you some inside knowledge. Below are our Guiding Beliefs that every marketing organization should hold dear to their collective hearts. Understanding the importance of each of these – and insuring that your management staff understands them as well – is an important first step to managing and planning for your company’s growth and securing its long-term profitability. We will promise you, however, that they are not as easy to implement as it may seem.

Guiding Beliefs:

  1. Monitoring the results of your business is just as important for the agency as it is for its clients
  2. Track Utilization and Realization of your agency’s billable time
  3. Give managers authority commensurate with their responsibilities
  4. If you expect to grow the agency, employees must be able to grow professionally. Otherwise they will leave just when you need them the most
  5. Hold firm on salaries and increase bonuses when rewarding employees. Salaries are like ratchet wrenches, they only go in one direction
  6. Be open about job profitability and closed on the agency’s profitability
  7. Delegate invoicing as you grow
  8. Allocate a portion of profits to be distributed among all employees — not just the stars
  9. Using small amounts of cash to reward good performance throughout the year does more to improve morale than paying bigger bonus checks at the end of the year
  10. Owners’ salaries should be in line with 15% of the agency’s Gross Income
  11. Calculate sales commissions on sales and agency profitability
  12. Allocate at least 10% of your Operating Profit to self-promotion every year

Practice Leader:

profit solutions

Henry Corona
Vice President
Sanders Consulting Group

Since 1988, Henry Corona has worked with clients throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Latin America. His work overseas has included mergers & acquisitions, turn-around management and negotiations with foreign companies and organizations seeking an affiliation, a partnership or a presence in the United States market.

He has provided expert witness analysis and testimony in the valuation of professional service companies. Corona has also consulted with advertising agencies in negotiations to acquire, sell or merge operations. Clients continually benefit from his knowledge of financial structuring, general business development and organizational management services.

Corona earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Grinnell College, an MA in Economics from the University of California Los Angeles and an MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

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