One Day Can Make A Difference!

Don't just survive... soar!

Don’t just survive… soar!

You need to do new business the right way if you want to grow. And that means starting off the right way with our DayOne on-site planning session. It’s conducted by the leaders in new business, Sanders Consulting Group.

In one day, we get up to speed on your firm, charting out the best way to grow and then helping your staff develop the best way forward. It’s a new business mapping process that they buy into.

The DayOne session is efficient because we can save you hours of wrangling over opinions and narrow points of view you’re heard many times before. We’ll bring in fresh approaches and new ways to do things. You’ll get your team’s buy-in because you’re doing it the right way and using the best experts around. And the plans and mapping are all customized to your situation.

Specific Objectives:

  • Develop a long-running new business program that will support the agency with steady growth.
  • Review how other agencies are growing successfully and learn from their experiences.
  • Learn how the client-agency relationship has changed and how to regain a position of trust.
  • Set-up a structure that will generate a steady stream of leads into the agency.
  • Decide who is responsible for new business and how it will be managed.
  • Develop the materials necessary to support the new business program over a long period of time.
  • Set-up a time line with responsibilities and success markers to tract the program’s success.
  • Set-up metrics and measures to ensure a solid ROI is achieved and prosperity is achieved.


The DayOne organizes the agency’s new business program for many years to come. It’s often called “the most important day in an agency’s history” because it outlines how the agency will grow and prosper.

The biggest hurdle for growth is getting the plan right from the start. Once an agency understands how to set-up and run a proper new business program, few or little changes are needed down line.

Many agency leaders confuse new business with advertising, believing that the skills necessary to help a client grow should translate easily into skills to help the agency grow. At the DayOne agency leaders see the differences and why past new business programming has failed.

The DayOne takes one day and involves the senior management of the firm in first understanding the critical components of agency growth and then how to apply agency resources in the best way to achieve steady expansion.

The DayOne puts everything in focus and allows the agency’s senior management to concentrate on client management and agency operations knowing that the critical issues of agency growth and expansion for the future are now in place and running smoothly.

Can your ad agency fix new business new business forever?

The simple answer is yes, it all starts with DayOne.

Most agency leaders are shocked at how much can be accomplished in the DayOne and never forget the key decisions made at this time that shape the agency’s future for many years to come.


Outstanding photo by andaria