The most important part of new business is chemistry.

Understanding people is the secret to new business success.

Understanding people is the secret to new business success.

All the agency search consultants agree. In the end, it’s not the creative that wins or the smart planning or the cool interactive tactics. It’s chemistry that wins in the end. That’s why it’s so important for your agency to learn how to use chemistry to win more new business. That means you need to learn how to profile prospects from the way they talk on the phone, the way they appear, what they wear, the way they communicate, and what they show as most important to them.

By knowing this, you know whether or not you need to focus on process, or results, or relationship, or inspiration. Or a combination of all of these. You also know how to bring this focus to light in the way you choose your new business tactics. For example, what to feature in your RFP. And in your presentation.

Learn it One-Day, On-Site

We teach the skills in a program called Chemistry Wins New Business in one-day, on-site at your firm. The program, which should include anyone in the firm who comes in contact with prospects or works on new business, will be the most popular agency meeting your firm ever conducted. We promise that.


  • Better understanding of how prospects select agencies and why
  • Increased revenue
  • Less internal stress because the agency new-business team is aligned and energized
  • Better presentations produced more efficiently as winning tactics are now clearly understood
  • Fewer write-offs as agency understands what works and what doesn’t
  • More fun and pride in the agency as new-business wins increase
  • Greater industry buzz as the agency’s new-business skills are recognized

Want to win more new business? Then get chemistry on your side. For more information, contact Bob Sanders Consulting at 412.897.9329.