Teach your account management team how to work smarter, not harder.

shift into high gear

Transform your account management team!

Agency management needs its account teams to operate more efficiently in order to protect agency profitability. But most account teams are already struggling with the current account load so the idea of working harder isn’t an answer.

The answer for agencies is to train their account teams in new skills, showing them how to work smarter, not harder. And High Gear, a high impact, one-day on-site learning experience for account management from Sanders Consulting Group, is the best way to do that.

High Gear shows account management professionals how to better manage the client relationship using personality profiling. Once the client’s personality and personal working style are identified, High Gear can show your team how to plan better, present better, and negotiate better. This makes the client/agency relationship stronger and more profitable for your agency.

Also included in the program is an important skill-building session on how to manage the financial end of the relationship. Another component of High Gear is a special session on the importance of developing long-running programs as a way to improve both client retention and operating efficiency.

Account Management Training Format

High Gear is optimized to achieve the greatest success for your firm. The course is taught on-site at your agency in one day using real world successes and examples’ guaranteeing training that has real life application.

Program Objectives

High Gear is a one day workshop that addresses the need for a fresh look at account management. The program shows your team the changing role of account management, the new client world, moving from tactics to strategy, setting price and value for what you offer, and how to negotiate. It moves the account management from just being a bag carrier to a true strategic partner.

Change the Way You Work With Clients

Be More Strategic. Be More Cost Efficient. Create Happier Clients! Give Sanders Consulting Group a call to discuss how to implement a training program for the account service department that is both more strategic and improves service levels.

  • World class account management training with personality profiling
  • Thrill your clients with a steady stream of Business Building Ideas
  • Promote your worth by stressing Value-Based Initiatives
  • Become a trusted advisor to your clients
  • Use consulting initiatives to move up-line with your clients
  • Get paid more for what you do

For more information on how High Gear can help your agency work smarter, not harder, contact Bob Sanders at 412.897.9329 or email us here [email protected].

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