The biggest challenge for ad agency leaders are past prejudices, bad habits, lack of knowledge, limited management priority, misplaced resources, and poor leadership.

Make a decision and grow.

Make a decision and grow.

These barriers can be overcome when the management team makes decisions and sticks by those decisions. The role of ad agency leadership is to help overcome the overcome the barriers that limit growth. You need to turn the agency loose to grow. And decisions make that happen.

Something remarkable occurs when an agency makes decisions about growth. Any active decision taps into an unusual agency phenomenon – the agency’s desire for the recognition and acknowledgment that growth brings.

Growth is the ultimate accolade that most agencies seek. Organic, new business, staff skills, recognition, reward. Growth is the goal. We can help you and your staff grow.

How We Help Address Your Challenges:

  • Fix New Business Forever – On-site evaluation of agency’s new business efforts and creates a plan to reshape your new business program forever.
  • Change Your Brand – Work session at agency to evaluate agency brand and determine strongest possible appeals to highlight.
  • Generate More Leads – Training session with key staff setting up an agency outreach awareness building program with follow-up relationship building.
  • Close Accounts Quicker – Learning session with new business team on making first visits with prospects that set them up for fast closes, either 48-hours or 7 days.
  • Do Strategic Branding – Senior management session on establishing a brand consultancy at the agency. Understand how to position the firm, who to target, how to outreach, and more.
  • Win More With Chemistry – Work session with staff on using chemistry to increase the agency’s new business success.
  • Build a Strategic Process that Wins – High-impact research technique using a strategic-development process that encourages prospects to hire the agency.
  • Win More Formal Presentations – Workshop for agency leadership on winning at formal presentations.
  • Transform Client Service – Hands-on workshop for entire account team to shift them from tactical overhead to value-added strategic partners.
  • Get Your Senior Team in the Game – Reach out to your best prospects with your best people.
  • Win a Major Pitch – Help on upcoming new business presentation.

Master Your Agency Issues – We specializes in client retention, account service training, agency operations, productivity improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and all types of management concerns including exit planning, strategic alliances, partner formation and partnership dissolutions.

Just give us a call with your question, and if we don’t know the answer we know who to call. Having worked with over 5000 marketing firms we’ve seen and been involved with some of the most interesting, challenging, bazaar, and mundane issues in the world. We’re happy to chat and perhaps we can help. The call is free.

Sanders Consulting Group teaches more ad agencies, design firms, and Internet agencies around the world more about new business than any other firm. The largest and best managed marketing communication companies use Sanders Consulting Group as a trusted advisor to help them grow their organizations.


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