We’re best known for our full range of skill-building training programs that are agency specific, meaning we know how to help you grow.

Benefits of Ad Agency Growth

There are many benefits to growing your ad agency.

Our training programs are 100% directed at all marketing communication companies of all types, and they build skills in learning how to do new business better, and how to improve account service by learning new ways to present and new skills in project management, time management, work flow, account planning and negotiation. Other learning programs cover how to increase client retention, learning how to do consulting, and new tools to help agencies learn new ways to provide better strategic leadership to clients. Most of the learning programs are supported by very detailed training manuals designed to keep the skill building fresh for years to come.

Ad Agency Growth

In today’s fast-changing market leaders who are interested in growth have three choices: 1) Do nothing and hope things change back to favor the old way of operating; 2) Start to make slight adjustments and tinker on your own, but confuse your staff and end up making things worse. 3) Work with us to shape a strategic direction for your agency based on current realities and what’s best for you.

Remind yourself once again of the 15 ways that your agency benefits from serious new business growth:

  1. New growth brings new employees with lots of new talent and skills. Your agency gets better.
  2. New growth increases the number and type of services you offer. Your agency becomes more valuable to your clients.
  3. With a growing agency, you’ll need larger facilities and better working space. The agency’s “curb appeal” improves and that attracts more and better clients.
  4. Adding new business means replacing old equipment and technology with new and better equipment and better technology. Service to existing accounts gets better.
  5. Revenue flow is better. There’s more money to operate with and bills get paid quicker. Credit improves. Lines of credit get paid back faster.
  6. A growing agency usually improves employee benefits, making it easier to attract and keep good employees. And good people help the agency grow faster.
  7. The creative product is always better at a growing agency. There is a freshness and a feel in the creative work from a growing agency that’s easy for prospects to spot.
  8. The agency reputation grows as the agency grows. More people talk about you. More prospects want to see you. You get invited to more presentations.
  9. Clients like doing business with a growing agency. They may not admit it, but given the choice, they would rather see you grow rather than stand still. It’s an affirmation of their good judgment in choosing to work with you.
  10. Your peers in the business know which agencies are growing and which ones aren’t. Your esteem improves. You have a certain swagger that makes others in the industry jealous.
  11. ADWEEK and AD AGE write about agencies that are growing. They forget agencies that aren’t.
  12. There’s always more fun at a growing agency. The smiles come quicker. The laughter is louder. The enthusiasm is higher. And the staff works harder because everyone likes being with a growing agency.
  13. Agency spirit is easy to feel at an agency on the move. When an agency isn’t growing, there is a certain coldness and clamminess that chills clients and prospects alike.
  14. The pay is better at a growing agency. You know it. The staff knows it. Your family knows it.
  15. Other agencies and holding companies are always interested in a growing agency. And growing agencies are worth a lot more.

New business for agencies requires professional solicitation, not selling.

To reap the rewards of significant growth you must understand new business isn’t about having skills in selling, it’s about applying the time-tested principles of professional solicitation. Selling is what vendors, media reps and suppliers do. Agencies need to act in a much more consultative manner. This is why so many new business heads fail at their job. It’s this professional approach that every agency needs to know and master if they want to grow.

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