Which one of your many clients is the most important to your agency?

empty chair client important ad agency

Make time to work on that most valuable client.

A client who will never leave you.

A client who will always pay its bills to you.

A client who will quickly respond to your instructions and follow your lead.

A client that is usually ignored, forgotten and rarely talked about by your staff.

A client that will stick with you all through your career in advertising.

A client that is so appreciative of any time you give it.

That wonderful, valuable client is your agency – the most important client in the agency and the one usually least serviced by you and your agency. If you’re like most agencies, everything else gets top priority at your agency except your agency. And most agency owners spend a lot of time working in the agency, but little serious time working on the agency.

When an agency isn’t growing, it’s usually because agency management will not recognize who their most important client is.

Isn’t it time to sit down and spend some time working on that most valuable of all clients?


Empty chair photo by Thomas and used under Creative Commons