• Frustrated with new business? Focus.

    Focus Your Brand: Focus Your Efforts: Win

    How did an agency in the middle of nowhere Amish country grow 50 percent at the height of this recession? At a time when agencies around the world are cutting […]

  • A strong brand stands out, and in this complex world we operate in that’s vital for survival.

    Using Good-To-Great to Brand Your Agency

    A Clear Agency Brand Provides Focus for New Business. For those of you who have worked with us in the past you know we like to hammer the idea that […]

  • Are you waiting passively by the phone?

    Not Getting New Business Calls? Focus!

    Recently I was working with a great agency, around 15 people, that was doing some truly outstanding work. They were well known in their market, but had been defined in […]

  • Now is the best time to go fishing for new business.

    New Business in Tough Times: 5 Ideas for Growth

    A recent B-to-B Magazine headline shouted, “Desperate ad agencies scramble for business.” There is no disputing that the current climate is the most challenging our industry has experienced in memory. The […]

  • Or you could hire this guy.

    Ad Agency Branding: Lessons From Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

    Our industry is taking a beating, marketing firms are struggling, and many agencies are starting to ask how can we survive – missing the key ad agency unique value proposition. Take a […]