• Winning or Losing? Different Types of Agency Culture

    Winning or Losing? Different Types of Agency Culture

    Being part of a winning team takes a lot of hard work – but there is one thing that can really separate winners from losers. Let’s examine two NFL teams, […]

  • “Hire me!” Clients often end up on this end of a pack of agencies all asking for their business. How can you pick one? How would you? What stands out?

    Ad Agency Branding, Culture and Leadership

    Every marketing firm is unique, but many end up sounding and looking the same. The key question is why? Marketing firms, from traditional ad agencies to creative hot shops to […]

  • You don't have to bowl a perfect strike every time to win in new business.

    Perfect is the Enemy of Winning New Business

    There are many great agency leaders, and they all try hard to be perfect. Most leaders work hard making sure everything the agency produces is as close to perfect as […]

  • Being the leader is a lonely job. Reach out and get some help.

    Three Important Ad Agency Leadership Questions

    As an agency owner it almost goes without saying that part of your job is to plan for the long term legacy of your agency. As agencies, big and small, […]

  • Leaders find a way around obstacles.

    Is Your Ad Agency On The Wrong Path?

    How do you know if your marketing firm needs a new vision? Some agency leaders may believe they already have a sense of direction. The feeling is often: “We’ve gotten […]

  • Find a new direction for growth.

    That Time of Year: Planning New Business for the New Year

    It’s that time of year again – about to close out the end-of-year and start to think about next year. Ad agencies are trying to maintain, and grow, their piece […]

  • Ad Agency Creative Approach To Leadership

    Ad Agency Creative Approach To Leadership

    Ad Agencies must be prepared to implement creative new approaches to reach and communicate with clients and consumers. This may take a new approach to develop best practices, new ideas, and […]

  • Take the Plunge: Leap into the Future!

    Ad Agency Strategic Plan Development

    These are tough times for the traditional advertising firm. The fundamentals of marketing are changing, traditional forms of advertising no longer get the same bang-for-the-buck, and digital is gaining more […]

  • Where is Your Ad Agency?

    Where is Your Ad Agency?

    A recent poll among agency leaders nationwide showed clearly the strong fault lines running through the industry. Leadership is not about theory. It’s about definable action a leader can take […]

  • Good Luck With The Future Of Advertising

    Good Luck With The Future Of Advertising

    Recently, we were called in to help a small five-person marketing firm set up a new business system. After a day-long session, they decided that their “new” brand, something they […]