• Squeeze the most out of your change efforts.

    Wholesale Change Can Jump-Start New Business

    Lets go back and revisit one of our old clients and see how they revamped their entire ad agency new business program: A 25-year-old design studio with 7 full-time employees […]

  • There is a massive tank filled with new business opportunities – what are you doing to tap into it?

    Is Your Agency Winning or Losing New Business?

    This is a repost of what I wrote for Norman Sherman over at the The Troyanos Group – a leading marketing industry recruiting and consulting firm. Outstanding company. New business is […]

  • Following Gap: A Quick Thought on Brand Consulting

    Following Gap: A Quick Thought on Brand Consulting

    No longer do just companies battle each other in the marketplace. Today, brands do combat, and many clients faced with this changed landscape aren’t sure how to brand their goods […]