• Agencies don’t wake up one day and just go out of business. It happens by a thousand tiny cuts over time.

    Death by a Thousand Cuts: Shift to Value Based Pricing

    Times are tough, and traditional agencies of all sizes have been under pressure for years. And many have not survived. It’s been a slow death by a thousand cuts: pushed […]

  • Isn’t it time for your ad agency to get fairly compensated?

    Client Negotiation: A Lesson From Steve Jobs

    What is at the heart of any negotiation? Two people trying to find a way to do business together. But how well equipped are agencies to negotiate in order to […]

  • "You're fired!"

    Companies Never Fire Ad Agencies

    People do. And people fire agencies every day for a wide variety of reasons. They justify their decisions in a variety of ways. In numerous industry studies, researchers have noted […]