• There is nothing like the thrill of victory.

    What Really Matters: Qualifying a New Business Lead

    In the battle for new business, there is nothing more impressive than a winning ad agency. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to identify the winning characteristics that winning agencies […]

  • Don't let frustration get in the way of doing smart new business.

    Stop Doing New Business the Stupid Way

    Everyone knows that in order to grow a successful marketing firm, hard work is the key ingredient. After all, it takes lots of elbow grease and burning the midnight oil […]

  • Don't say I didn't warn you!

    The Perfect Ad Agency New Business Machine

    There is a reason why we both fear and respect the shark. Sharks are the ultimate predator, firmly sitting at the top of the ocean food chain. Just the mention […]

  • Make it as difficult as possible.

    Why Do So Many Ad Agency Websites Suck?

    The first place most prospects look is your website. So where is the basic information? Where is the client list? Where is the staff? Who is the CEO? It’s almost […]

  • Going the extra mile... wins.

    Going the Extra Mile: Support Your New Business Outreach

    Reaching out to prospects should be the centerpiece of any ad agency’s new business activity. New business outreach should drive the allocation of resources — not just budgets but the use […]

  • There are many leads out there, waiting to be found.

    The Heartbeat Of New Business: Leads

    Sanders Consulting Group has trained many marketing firms in a proven and successful process for opening doors, finding opportunities and generating leads.  Our process builds agency awareness and creates relationships with prospects.  The […]