• Sometimes it’s better to just say no and just walk away.

    The Prospect You Need To Turn Down

    Sometimes it’s better for an agency to just say NO to new business! There are times in every agency owner’s life that a prospect comes in and forces a gut […]

  • Don't let frustration get in the way of doing smart new business.

    Stop Doing New Business the Stupid Way

    Everyone knows that in order to grow a successful marketing firm, hard work is the key ingredient. After all, it takes lots of elbow grease and burning the midnight oil […]

  • Learning only happens when we’re forced to rethink our beliefs about what we know to be true.

    GUEST POST: 12 Steps to Get the Most Out of New Business

    Every once and a while someone comes back into your circle of friends. Janet Fitzpatrick-Wilks was a client of ours back in the day. Sadly, we lost contact with her […]