• You need to be super in new business. Just generate new business leads!

    Ad Agency! Stop Spitting in the Wind for New Business!

    I once worked with one of the best new business gurus in the world, and he always told me, “give me enough new business leads, and I can double the […]

  • Going the extra mile... wins.

    Going the Extra Mile: Support Your New Business Outreach

    Reaching out to prospects should be the centerpiece of any ad agency’s new business activity. New business outreach should drive the allocation of resources — not just budgets but the use […]

  • There are many leads out there, waiting to be found.

    The Heartbeat Of New Business: Leads

    Sanders Consulting Group has trained many marketing firms in a proven and successful process for opening doors, finding opportunities and generating leads.  Our process builds agency awareness and creates relationships with prospects.  The […]