• Win More New Business!

    Win More New Business!

    You CAN win more new business! The books all state that the president of the agency has to do new business. The 4A’s state that you must have $10 million in billings […]

  • Learn how to control the energy in new business.

    How To Lose A Prospect You’ve Won

    The pitch went like clockwork, the prospect was ready to go, and the only thing standing in the way was “how much?” Then everything went south, fast. The agency president, […]

  • Stop making the same mistakes!

    5 Most Common Mistakes in New Business Outreach

    Outreach is vital for new business, vital to building awareness about your firm, and an important way to express your interest in your prospect’s industry. Most agencies seem to be […]

  • Good luck with new business!

    A New Business Quiz

    Ad Agencies, PR, design, and digital firms, creative hot shops and more must become experts at finding prospects and winning new business. The competition has never been greater. Firms of all […]

  • In new business never lose sight of the big picture.

    I’ll Win That New Business Pitch! Missing the Forest

    We’ve found that most presidents of firms in the marketing communications industry don’t really understand new business. And they don’t like it. They solve this problem by spending their time […]