• Don’t be a junk food ad agency.

    You Are What You Eat In New Business

    If “good agencies” want to become “great agencies,” they must attract higher-end clients. Sounds simple, right? That said, it’s shocking how many good agencies only attract average, or worse, bad […]

  • Have a plan, work the plan, and enjoy the new business.

    Trick-Or-Treat Lessons for New Business

    Ask any child and they will tell you their game plan for the one night they get to go wild, be free, and collect as much booty as they can […]

  • Tough prospects are slow to trust people.

    DOs And DON’Ts On Visiting A New Business Prospect

    A client will never hire an ad agency. A client will always hire someone, whom they trust, who happens to work at an ad agency. The agency comes along with […]