• Outline how you will win your next new business pitch.

    Plan To Win: A Winning Strategy

    It’s funny how something like a simple comment can remind you of a little secret to winning the pitch. I was in a meeting with a great ad agency and they […]

  • Take a step back and look in the mirror.

    Mirror Mirror: Why Agencies Need To Evaluate Their Own Image

    Take a step back and look in the mirror! When you’re getting your hair done and it looks like your hairdresser hasn’t tended to her own hair in weeks, it […]

  • Free your staff to be more creative, more proactive, more efficient.

    How To Be A Better Creative Firm

    In a post by Anita Zanesco, a Senior Consultant at TrinityP3, she asks the multi-million dollar question: “How do we get better work from our creative agencies?” Anita provides 3 […]

  • Clients are leaving agencies in record numbers.

    Half Your Clients May Walk This Year

    Client retention at agencies across the country is dropping like a stone. A few years ago agencies could count on keeping clients for four years or more. Now this retention […]

  • Stop making the same mistakes!

    5 Most Common Mistakes in New Business Outreach

    Outreach is vital for new business, vital to building awareness about your firm, and an important way to express your interest in your prospect’s industry. Most agencies seem to be […]