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    5 Ways to Help Brand Your Ad Agency

    The problem with branding a traditional advertising agency is there is nothing to hold on to – there is nothing tangible to grasp, shake, and define as being unique. The […]

  • Stop the client churn!

    Don’t Be a Revolving-Door Agency

    You know the type. It’s a place where clients come in and go out in a continuous stream. Agencies like this miss out on the most profitable parts of the […]

  • Where is Your Ad Agency?

    Where is Your Ad Agency?

    A recent poll among agency leaders nationwide showed clearly the strong fault lines running through the industry. Leadership is not about theory. It’s about definable action a leader can take […]

  • Isn’t it time for your ad agency to get fairly compensated?

    Client Negotiation: A Lesson From Steve Jobs

    What is at the heart of any negotiation? Two people trying to find a way to do business together. But how well equipped are agencies to negotiate in order to […]

  • It’s time to rethink your ad agency brand.

    Ad Agency Branding: Things I Think I Know Today, Could Change Tomorrow

    I recently wrote about how DraftFCB announced its new brand is now just FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding), totally dropping the iconic name Draft. In that article I wrote: Many […]

  • You want to win the new business race going away.

    In New Business You Must Take the Lead, Keep the Lead, and Win!

    Sometimes we come across a marketing firm that really wants, or needs, a new business win. Somehow they were able to get the opportunity, only to let the everyday distractions get […]

  • Change is inevitable. Leaders create order.

    Dazed And Confused: Tips For Running an Ad Agency

    During our work with thousands of high performing ad agencies (and scores of ‘lower’ performers), we have identified a few ingredients that help create a nimble and highly profitable firm. […]

  • Building Relationships In A Pitch

    Building Relationships In A Pitch

    I was recently published in iMedia Communications with an article on 10 relationship tips to win the pitch. 10 relationship tips to win the pitch: It’s not always easy to […]