Smart agencies target recent changes or appointments in the marketing, advertising or management areas with key companies or prospects they want.

Change is opportunity

Change is opportunity, if you know where to look.

The old change management rule says the new contact can continue for two months to blame problems on the old ad manager who got replaced. The old agency is good for more than six months of grace. Often, as we all know from the constant agency churn, the new contact needs time and a great place to buy some time is to conduct an agency review. That will typically last for three months. Add to that the six months of grace to blame the old agency while they train the new one and the new contact now has nine months of running room.

Change means change. Understand this and target the newly appointed executives at brands you have an interest in. You’ll find them hungry for new ideas, new approaches and new ways of doing things that allow them to make their mark.

Take advantage of this and reach out. It only takes a two sentence letter: “Congratulations. I look forward to following your continued success.” That letter usually generates a “Thank You” response which in turn leads to more contact and more contact. If you’re good; and understand how to build relationships.

Change marketing is powerful strategy in this most mobile of all markets. Use it to your advantage.

Target the change you see all around you and you will have a continuing stream of new prospects to replace the ones who turn into dry holes along the way.

Want More Ideas For Growth?

Every year, we help more agencies develop their growth plans than any other firm in the world. Build the type of agency you will always be proud of. Grab market share the easy way by finding it when the opportunity is right.

Sanders Consulting Group has a wide range of learning programs for agencies to improve agency growth and client retention, including DayOne, HighGear, Spark, Torch, Chemistry Wins New Business, Presenting To Win, Accounts in Review, Benefit Testing and many more.

We want to be your strategic counselor and your agency’s trusted advisor. Many agency presidents turn to us when it comes to improving their agency. We work with a wide variety of agencies from around the world. This perspective gives us opportunities that few firms ever enjoy, seeing the world’s best agencies up close and personal. We know what works and what is fantasy. And we help you avoid trial and error and that keeps you at the front of the line.

We start by earning your trust and respect.

We work in the world’s most difficult practice area because we deal directly with owners and operators of the best advertising agencies around. These presidents and CEOs wrote the book on entrepreneurial practices. They have no time for wasted time. They can spare no energy to chase castles in the air or to build empires on sand.

You see Sanders Consulting Group works only for agencies. We are on your side. We do no work for clients. And in today’s volatile market place, few consultants can claim that. We believe agencies need more friends like us.


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