We’ve been pitching a lot lately (and winning, yippie!).

Copywriter’s Survival Guide to PitchingSo I thought I’d write a guide on the best ways I’ve discovered to survive pitching, week in week out.

Gym it in the morning. 

You probably won’t get time to go in the evening on a pitch week. And it’ll take some of the guilt away when you tuck into the takeaway your Creative Director orders for tea.

Eat lunch.

Make time to eat something for lunch. If you’re anything like me (or just a normal human) you’ll get irritable when you’re hungry. And you’re more likely to have fun ideas if your head is in a fun place. Also, switching your brain off for half an hour while you eat something can be really helpful when you get back to it.

Discuss ideas early on. 

Where possible, discuss ideas at an early stage with your Creative Director. It always gives me more confidence to run with an idea. And saves time if ideas get scrapped.

If you can leave on time, do.

There will come a time for late nights. If you’re in a good place, get out of there and relax so you can come in refreshed the next day.

Look after your Art Director. 

And the Designers. When all the ideas are done, and you’ve written everything you need to, you get to go and leave them working late to make it all look amazing. So look after them – make them a brew before you leave. Then go and get some kip!


Posted by Emily Hague