Your marketing firm will evolve and change over time – that’s a given.

People come and go, you mature, perhaps getting a bit comfortable. After all, let’s face it…change is scary. Life is simpler when everything remains the same: same clients, same jobs, same processes, and same routines. But hidden within sameness are mediocrity and complacency – the two enemies of ad agency growth and success. Take a look around.

Is This Your Agency?

It’s up to you to transform your agency into a powerhouse, not a bunch of kittens.

It’s up to you to transform your agency into a powerhouse, not a bunch of kittens.


  • Another new business win for the agency you always compete against. How can they grow so easily and why is it so difficult for your agency to grow?
  • You get referred in and have a great lead, just like so many you’ve had before. How can you handle this one successfully and not fumble it away again?
  • You realize another four weeks have gone by and no new business activity has been undertaken at your agency.
  • You know you need to grow, but you can’t work any harder.
  • Your staff urges you with subtle and not so subtle suggestions that what the agency really needs is more new business. What can you do?
  • Your account staff can’t understand the importance of new business to the agency’s future and theirs. They just hide from making phone calls, nudging and maintaining contact with prospects.
  • At one time you loved new business. Now you hate it. What has changed?
  • You went into advertising because you wanted to be independent and financially strong. Now your agency is dependent on the same clients and you are trapped with a salary that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.
  • Your agency banker and accountant are getting nervous.

Is There A Way To Change All This?

time to change your agency

Time for some positive change.

You need to do new business the right way if you want to grow. And that means starting off the right way with our DayOne on-site planning session.

In one day, we get up to speed on your firm, charting out the best way to grow and then helping your staff develop the best way forward. It’s a new business mapping process that the entire staff can buy into.

The DayOne session is efficient because we can save you hours of wrangling over opinions and narrow points of view you’re heard many times before. We’ll bring in fresh approaches and new ways to do things.

Yes, Change Can Be Good

Remember, only you and the decisions you make can change your agency’s future. In the end, by simply bringing in someone with a fresh perspective you’ll be amazed at your agency turnaround and so glad you said “yes” to DayOne.

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