Freelancers in Cincinnati, Ohio have found themselves overloaded with work that traditionally had been sent to ad agencies so they have organized themselves.

The purpose, they say, is to give clients better service. It’s a radical new way to work in advertising, unlike anything ever seen and could transform the industry.

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Wanda Fork outlines the new structure.

According to the organization’s president, Wanda Fork, this new way of working has been branded Pitchfork. According to the founders, it’s a marketing communications company “unlike anything ever seen” and very different from traditional approaches.

Fork reports that she and other freelancers decided to rent space so they all now have a place to report to every day. She noted this was a significant breakthrough in giving clients better service. Besides, the local coffee shop, where many of the freelancers met, was unhappy with all the job jackets and schedules hung on its walls.

In this new work space all the creative types have been grouped into one area to make collaboration easier. And the freelancers who do project management and strategy have been put into another area where they can work together as well.

Fork reported “We’ve taking a farm approach and are calling the new structures “silos” to highlight this new way of working. And we’ve even hired a receptionist to answer the phones with a new internal structure to keep the work moving called “Traffic.”

Fork has been invited to speak about Pitchfork’s radical concept at a conference next month being sponsored the Ohio Ad League.

A new way to work in advertising indeed! What’s next, two hour lunches and three piece suits? 😉