• Don’t be a junk food ad agency.

    You Are What You Eat In New Business

    If “good agencies” want to become “great agencies,” they must attract higher-end clients. Sounds simple, right? That said, it’s shocking how many good agencies only attract average, or worse, bad […]

  • Learning only happens when we’re forced to rethink our beliefs about what we know to be true.

    GUEST POST: 12 Steps to Get the Most Out of New Business

    Every once and a while someone comes back into your circle of friends. Janet Fitzpatrick-Wilks was a client of ours back in the day. Sadly, we lost contact with her […]

  • Is there a secret key to winning new business?

    How Agencies Get New Business

    The faster you understand the key points raised in the very interesting infographic by RSW/US, the closer you are to understanding how to execute a new business program. There are many […]