The faster you understand the key points raised in the very interesting infographic by RSW/US, the closer you are to understanding how to execute a new business program.

key to winning

Is there a secret key to winning new business?

There are many individual pieces to being successful in new business – each skill needs to be evaluated.

Frequently, we get calls and emails from agencies that express their feelings of frustration and anxiety in their new business efforts. Perhaps, there are times when even you feel:

  • Frustrated with your lack of new clients.
  • Tired of cold calling with little or no results.
  • Angry at the amount of money and time you spend on social media with no results.
  • Discouraged because you can’t seem to turn interested prospects into paying clients.
  • Annoyed because you’re not getting the type or size of clients/projects you’d hoped for.
  • Puzzled as to what new business tactics you should be using and how to use them.

This is understandable. You see, we were all trained in how to be effective within our skill set; branding, marketing, advertising, PR, account service, design… But no one taught us how to attract new clients. In fact, the skills needed to be great at new business are often 180 degrees opposite from what we all know. These are the skills Sanders Consulting Group has spent over 30 years developing. And we’ve created a series of learning programs designed to teach you how.

Ad Agency Key To Winning.

Leaders have three choices: 1) Do nothing and hope things change back to favor the old way of operating; 2) Start to make slight adjustments and tinker on your own, but confuse your staff and end up making things worse; 3) Work with us to shape a new business program based on current realities and what’s best for you and your firm. It begins with a one-day onsite mission assessment.

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RSW/US & the Agency san diego and the interesting Infographic:


How Ad Agencies Get New Business