• "You're fired!"

    Companies Never Fire Ad Agencies

    People do. And people fire agencies every day for a wide variety of reasons. They justify their decisions in a variety of ways. In numerous industry studies, researchers have noted […]

  • The only sure way to fail is to no longer try.

    The (un)Changing World | Agency Leadership

    Many agency leaders have given up on sailing into winds of change that are blowing through our industry. Instead they let clients take the lead and force the pace of […]

  • Wake up. It's a new day in marketing.

    Creative Age | The Future Of Marketing

    Just as marketers are getting religion about the importance of social media, they are in danger of failing to see that social media is just a vehicle, not the solution. […]

  • Profiling the Client Relationship

    Profiling the Client Relationship

    The things you say, the way you look, the materials you present – all are part of chemistry. And the clients are watching. Your likeability, which you can control with client […]

  • Profiling is the key to unlock new business wins.

    Profiling the New Business Prospect

    Many advertisers try to be objective, but “chemistry is probably 50% to 60% of the decision factor” comments a retail marketing director. In a recent Ad Business Report survey of […]