The things you say, the way you look, the materials you present – all are part of chemistry. And the clients are watching.

Profiling is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Profiling is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Your likeability, which you can control with client profiling, is often the missing piece in retaining clients. Personality Profiling is a way to understand and use chemistry to retain & grow your current clients and help your staff work better together because you now have “the right chemistry.”

Clients use their observational powers in meetings, over lunch, at their office, and at yours, to see if you really are “birds of a feather.” And they really focus on your personality when presenting a new idea, or new creative, a new strategy. The key to winning in chemistry and building lasting client-relationships is personality identification. And once identified, being versatile enough to move your company to project that personality. This builds trust and a deeper relationship. Personality Profiling can show you how.

Profiling Puts the Agency Focus on the Client Relationship

#1 – Client-Focused Agency (not good)

  • What do you want?
  • How high do you want me to jump?
  • What can we do for you today?
  • Is there anything you need?

#2 – Agency-Focused Agency (so-so)

  • It’s this way or the highway.
  • Here’s how we work.
  • Take it or leave it.
  • We’re the pros.

#3 – Relationship-Focused Agency (best)

  • Here’s what they are asking for.
  • Here’s the way they like to buy from us.
  • Here’s how we can make them more comfortable with us.
  • Here’s the way to get them to make a good decision.

Where’s Your Focus?

Refocusing the agency’s attention toward controlling the relationship rather than attempting to control the client is a key element in long-term retention.

Use Personality Profiling as a way to help you select your best approach to each client situation. The strategy you use will be the key to your success, or failure. It’s all about the timing and what makes a client most comfortable.  You are not working with a faceless corporation; you are in a relationship with a person. Someone with very clear likes and dislikes. Someone who knows how they like to receive information. Someone who will make decisions based on you, and how you present the information to them.

Reminder:  Agencies are never fired by the companies we serve.  Agencies are fired by people at those companies who believe we don’t like them, can’t work with them the right way, and aren’t meeting their expectations some way.  We are fired by people whom we don’t have good chemistry with.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your team better understand some of the more difficult clients you have, give us a call. Within 10 minutes of talking we’ll figure out a winning strategy. And if you want us to come out to your shop and teach the entire team how to do it, even better.

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 Photo by lil-timmy