• Make it as difficult as possible.

    Why Do So Many Ad Agency Websites Suck?

    The first place most prospects look is your website. So where is the basic information? Where is the client list? Where is the staff? Who is the CEO? It’s almost […]

  • Tap into high performance!

    How Any Agency Can Survive in This New Era

    The marketing communications industry is experiencing change on a colossal scale. Not since the introduction of television have so many profound currents converged to change the course of the ‘traditional’ […]

  • Clients are leaving agencies in record numbers.

    Half Your Clients May Walk This Year

    Client retention at agencies across the country is dropping like a stone. A few years ago agencies could count on keeping clients for four years or more. Now this retention […]

  • Frustrated with new business? Focus.

    Focus Your Brand: Focus Your Efforts: Win

    How did an agency in the middle of nowhere Amish country grow 50 percent at the height of this recession? At a time when agencies around the world are cutting […]

  • In new business there are winners and losers. 
Learn how to win!

    Win More New Business More Often

    Bring in the experts! Learn how to fix new business forever and celebrate new business wins all the time. Growing your firm these days is more important than ever. You […]