Bring in the experts! Learn how to fix new business forever and celebrate new business wins all the time.

learn how to win more new business

In new business there are winners and losers.
Learn how to win!

Growing your firm these days is more important than ever. You need to learn how the new business rules have changed without wasting time. Bringing us in is a low one-time cost but the ROI is very high. You get a new business manual to keep the learning fresh for years. And just one good new business idea that you use to win an important client in the next month makes it all worthwhile.

Competition is getting harder and clients are getting tougher so you need every advantage. Your firm’s new business program is probably out of date and badly needs this tune up. Below are 6 issues we know you must master to win more new business more often.

Learn How To Grow Your Firm Faster!

Issue #1: Master Your Strategic Issues

Where is the business going? What’s working across the country? Learn how to follow what the smart money is doing. Understand how to get ready for your new future. Map out key changes you’ve got to make.

Issue #2: Generate More Leads

See why your new business program must generate leads from high-value prospects. Understand how to target over 100 high value, real leads per year. Determine which new business method is best for your firm. Understand why creating relationships with good prospects are so important. Learn why having the right new business system in place means you avoid RFPs, cattle calls, and worthless capabilities presentations.

Issue #3: Close Accounts Quicker

Learn why so many firms don’t know how to build trust and therefore can’t close the business. Understand why without trust in place you can’t have vital discussions that lead to finding needs and fevers. Learn the right way to make first visits so you can close prospects quickly, often within 48-hours. See how to set prospects up for a 7-day close. Avoid formal searches, creative shoot outs, and Howdy-Doody call backs that don’t accomplish anything. See why with a strong fast-close program in place you never need to do another proposal. Understand “First Visit Math” that shows why you need two people on first visits.

Issue #4: Win With Strategic Consulting

Learn why having a strong consulting process is vital to your firm’s long-term success. See why you should suggest to all your new business prospects there might be a strategic problem in play, rather than some simple communication needs to resolve. Understand why you must have a “Branding Black Box” that positions your firm more strategically. See how to earn more consulting revenue, perhaps $500,000 per year, by working at a higher level. Learn how to move up your client base with your Black Box and leave small jobs and smaller prospects for freelancers. Learn how to work with better clients because you can show them how to strategically reposition themselves with a Brand Triangle. Learn what’s required to import a Black Box process into your firm to add show and impact.

Issue #5: Win More With Chemistry

Learn why chemistry is the major secret weapon in new business. See why chemistry is more important than your creative capabilities and how to get it on your side. Understand how to get hired because prospects like you better. See why prospects you thought you won, went somewhere else. Understand what you and your firm project to prospects and why that might be the wrong message.

Issue # 6: What To Do Now?

Call us, bring in the experts and see how the new business rules have changed. After we’re done, put all you learned into a cohesive plan that you can use to reshape your new business program forever. Revise immediately what you are saying to prospects. Reshape how you describe your firm and determine if you must re-brand. Fix new business forever with the changes you learned.

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