The New Year will bring forth many new opportunities. 

new year new business

Reach out and grab new business this year.

We can help by providing some powerful new business ideas for the New Year. We offer you guided help with your new business initiatives and are always up for the great client challenge. Whether it’s re-branding your firm, setting up a new business system, improving your operations, or anything in-between, we’ll be here to help keep you on track and moving in the right direction.

Growing your agency only works if you have the right team, clear direction and good information.

New Business Ideas For The New Year:

  1. Make yourself easy to do business with. I mean real easy. Don’t try to sell what clients don’t want to buy. Give them your opinion, but be sure and give them what they are asking for. Build up some good will to cash in later for a real strategic game changer.
  2. Go after the consultants by offering consulting services of your own. Open up a large new revenue stream into your firm, millions of dollars are available.
  3. Learn how to sell harder. Focus on overt benefits you offer to the client. Make it very clear what you can do. Don’t be subtle in times like this. Learn how to use California boards, process sheets, logic trails, and emotion stops in your presentations.
  4. Think about growing the old fashioned way: buy growth. Yes, do a cross town merger with another firm similar to yours in your market. It’s a wonderful way to grow these days.
  5. Make sure your firm is properly branded. Check to see if you are caught up in alphabet soup with a brand that doesn’t say anything. Does your firm live your brand, is it part of your culture? If not, maybe it’s time to re-brand.
  6. Focus on generating leads meaning opportunities to go visit good prospects. Don’t get trapped in the fog of new business worrying about all the minutia of new business. Ask yourself this, ‘Who is building relationships for your firm today?’ Not who is doing new business. But who is reaching out to good prospects, creating awareness that you are around?

One of the best ways to build agency excitement throughout the year is to grow, in a big way. So bring in an outside expert or trainer, pick an area you need to improve, and make it fun!


Photo by Bucikah