• Take the Plunge: Leap into the Future!

    Ad Agency Strategic Plan Development

    These are tough times for the traditional advertising firm. The fundamentals of marketing are changing, traditional forms of advertising no longer get the same bang-for-the-buck, and digital is gaining more […]

  • Which Game of Thrones House is Your Agency Most Like?

    Which Game of Thrones House is Your Agency Most Like?

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” Cersei Lannister The only thing you really need to understand about the HBO series […]

  • Is the future of advertising agencies really this bad?

    Understand the New Marketing Challenges

    Is the future of advertising agencies really a long, bleak, lonely journey into nothingness? A place where high-speed idea factories have replaced agencies in the tactical area. Where the client “c-suite” gets all strategic communication […]

  • Most capabilities presentations are just killing time.

    Need to win more new business? Don’t show your capability presentation!

    First Contact: The Key Step That Turns a Good Prospect into a Client. One of the biggest new business mistakes usually happens at the initial point of contact in the […]

  • Building a better staff is the first step to building a better marketing firm.

    Building An Agency Training Program

    Sanders Consulting Group has undertaken the development of a number of custom training programs, some for larger advertising firms and some for much smaller operations. For one firm, with multiple […]

  • In the agency world, things rarely get better on their own. Times a wasting.

    The Time is Short if You Have CEO Disease

    Ad agency CEO Disease is the name given to the sense of estrangement that comes over many CEOs as they struggle with managing a business while failing at maintaining the […]

  • Squeeze the most out of your change efforts.

    Wholesale Change Can Jump-Start New Business

    Lets go back and revisit one of our old clients and see how they revamped their entire ad agency new business program: A 25-year-old design studio with 7 full-time employees […]

  • The Agency Offsite as Engine for Innovation

    The Agency Offsite as Engine for Innovation

    Most agencies annually convene a leadership meeting, strategic planning retreat, or brainstorming session dedicated to crafting an innovative course of business strategy. Rarely do these meetings deliver results. Instead, they […]

  • Power up your relationship building skills.

    Understanding People Pays Big Dividends

    A call came in from a small agency with a big challenge: how to better understand prospects to win some new business. The agency wanted to win the advertising account of […]

  • There is one clear winner at the end of an RFP process.

    Winning The RFP Process: 10 Rules

    Let me start out by saying I really don’t like the RFP process. But, to paraphrase Churchill’s famous dictum about democracy: the RFP process is the worst form of agency […]