• The power of asking why?

    Simple Problem Solving: 5 Whys and Why-Why?

    The other day an interesting conversation reminded me of the old consulting tool called the “5 Whys.” It’s a simple question-asking method used to explore the cause/effect relationships underlying a […]

  • Take a step back and look in the mirror.

    Mirror Mirror: Why Agencies Need To Evaluate Their Own Image

    Take a step back and look in the mirror! When you’re getting your hair done and it looks like your hairdresser hasn’t tended to her own hair in weeks, it […]

  • Is the grass really greener on the other side?

    What Are The Real Assets In Your Marketing Firm?

    Constantly changing client demands, new marketing technology and shifting options are all circling overhead, demanding the attention of agency leaders. These red herrings have shifted the focus outward, away from […]

  • There is a massive tank filled with new business opportunities – what are you doing to tap into it?

    Is Your Agency Winning or Losing New Business?

    This is a repost of what I wrote for Norman Sherman over at the The Troyanos Group – a leading marketing industry recruiting and consulting firm. Outstanding company. New business is […]

  • Never give in to the big guys.

    How Can a Small Agency Compete in New Business?

    With some smart strategic thinking any small agency can win over one of the big agencies.  Many smaller firms we’ve worked with over the past few years have won going up against some of the […]

  • Frustrated with new business? Focus.

    Focus Your Brand: Focus Your Efforts: Win

    How did an agency in the middle of nowhere Amish country grow 50 percent at the height of this recession? At a time when agencies around the world are cutting […]

  • Isn't it time to take a closer look?

    The Most Important Client At Your Agency?

    Most ad agencies are spending way too much time on their accounts and not enough time on the agency’s business. Often when consulting with an agency we will ask them […]

  • 8 Unforgivable Leadership Mistakes Steve Jobs Made

    8 Unforgivable Leadership Mistakes Steve Jobs Made

    There have been many great books, articles, and blogs praising the leadership of Steve Jobs and the results are hard to argue with. Steve was one of the most powerful […]

  • Clearing skies or storms ahead? Make sure you’re on the right track.

    7 Ways To Improve Your Agency Finances

    Often when speaking with agency leaders they bemoan the state of their finances. Projections are looking better, but they’re still not great. Marketing firms aren’t setting any records for growth. […]

  • Understanding baseball opens up new ways for an agency to win new business.

    Ad Agency Baseball: The Secret to Winning New Business

    Most agencies focus on the pitch, the show, the new business presentation. This is putting the spotlight on the wrong place. By then, most of the really important decisions have […]