Sanders Consulting Group has undertaken the development of a number of custom training programs, some for larger advertising firms and some for much smaller operations.

build a training program

Building a better staff is the first step to building a better marketing firm.

For one firm, with multiple offices around the world, Sanders Consulting developed a curriculum of five separate training programs in new business covering everything from lead generation, going on first visits, conducting agency tours, personality profiling, and building new business presentations. Agency personnel around the world were shown how to deliver the material in a series of train-the-trainer sessions and then hundreds of agency managers were put through this agency-only custom training. This was all done in less than six months.

And in the next two years, the agency set worldwide growth records, winning Agency of the Year awards from national trade publications. Previously, the agency was the laggard in new business growth within the holding company’s portfolio.

Another regional agency wanted to upgrade its account service with better client handling skills. The objective was better client retention. The base program this firm selected was customized by using the firm’s own terms, procedures, protocols and case histories.

To keep costs low, the firm produced the materials internally using source material written by Sanders Consulting under the agency’s direction. The program was named Beyond The Suit and was a big hit within the agency.

Subsequently, the program proved so success it was used in agency orientation for all new hires, not just account service. The agency has set records on its ability to keep clients for many years, pointing to its internal training program Beyond The Suit as a major reason for their success.

Build A Better Ad Agency.

Give Sanders Consulting a call to discuss custom training. It’s an area we know well, and we’ll work with you to develop the training materials you need, either within the budgets you have or we’ll work with you to develop a budget for management approval. Call 412.897.9329 for more information.