Most ad agencies are spending way too much time on their accounts and not enough time on the agency’s business.

Look closer at your agency

Isn’t it time to take a closer look?

Often when consulting with an agency we will ask them to name their most important client. After everyone looks at the agency CEO, and a brief discussion, they all agree on some large client that generates lots of income. But the truth is far from that.

The Most Important Client Is Your Agency.

Take a closer look – the most important client at any agency is the agency. The most important account that gets the least attention at almost every ad agency is the agency. The one client that always pays the bills. The one that will never leave. The one client you never pay any attention to… Our DayOne planning and strategy session helps agency management reset its focus back on growing the agency’s business.

We just finished a DayOne with a great agency. They were a bit scared as the general feeling was they were too small – a staff of 3. However, by the time the day was up everyone was energized, excited, and several new business opportunities were discovered. In addition the agency brand was revamped and better positioned for growth.

In a few short hours this small agency was infused with new life. The agency president just sent me this note:

“Thank you for a dynamic session. Everyone is pleased by the process and feels we have achieved a great sense of focus and mission.”

Ad Agency President, Midwest

I expect to hear of a new business win any day now! After all, they’re now working on the most important ad agency client.

We Believe In You.

Yes, things can improve. Yes, things can change for the better. Yes, your team’s efforts can create new business opportunities for you. But you must start the change process to bring this about. Change for the better usually doesn’t happen by accident.

Call our headquarters at 412.897.9329 or email [email protected] and set a date for your DayOne session. It’s a jam-packed day. But the results are worth it.


Photo by theysaythis