Do you want to be great at new business? To grow your agency? To be a hero to your staff and peers?

learn how to be great at new business

With the right training anyone can be a champion!

If you want to be a champion, then get the agency to grow! Only success in new business will make you a champion. This leaves you with two choices. You can continue to do what has always been done, and be just like everyone else, and you may, or may not, grow. Or you can do something different.

So, if you want to break out, grow faster than the competition, to try and find a better way, what is left to do? You act! Hopefully you think and plan a little first… reach out and learn from the experts. Learning from the pros can help you become a new business champion.

Not sure how to get started? Then you’re at the right place… for over 30 years we’ve been perfecting the art and science of growing marketing firms of all types; ad agencies, design, PR, digital, direct and more.

And if you want to be a champion then start with prioritizing your new business needs. Learn the vital skills. Get consensus. Build a plan. Launch!

Top Ad Agency New Business Needs:

1. Need more leads

  • Build more awareness and relationships
  • Reach out to prospects
  • Set up a formal new business process

2. Need to stand out from the competition

  • Better brand the agency
  • Develop a focus
  • Win accounts with a strategic black box
  • Win revenue with consulting
  • Bring in a strategic development/branding process

3. Need to close better

  • Stronger first visits to set up prospects
  • Know how to use the 48-hour close or 7-day close
  • Understand how and when to pitch

4. Need to create a good first impression and lasting relationships 

  • Learn chemistry
  • Improve new business profiling
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Improve internal communications
  • Develop internal language to manage clients better

5. Need a strong new business plan

  • Get a plan!
  • Get consensus on new business priorities
  • Get support for a new business plan

Your objective remains: Be a new business champion!

Hold a DayOne: New Business Mapping session at your firm.

DayOne Objectives:

  • Grow the agency by winning new accounts
  • Get the agency in good position to handle any economic changes
  • Map out the new business process for the agency
  • Build management consensus behind the plan
  • Give agency staff confidence that the agency will grow
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for new business effort
  • End the agency’s confusion and uproar over new business
  • Fix new business forever


  • New business evaluation session with senior management
  • Agency’s unique situation reviewed
  • Agency brand is reviewed
  • Review of performance against 12 key new business skill sets
  • New business options and alternatives outlined and discussed
  • Timeline set
  • Roles and responsibilities assigned
  • Action steps set
  • Next steps decided upon

New business is now more intense and the rules have changed. Overall new business activity is much higher but accounts and projects are smaller. Competition is tougher and different with firms of all sizes and shape competing for the same accounts. Budgets don’t seem to matter because big firms are chasing little accounts they ignored several years back. That’s the landscape.

Sanders Consulting Group offers the best advice, insight and training on how to grow your firm – from branding your firm to understanding outreach to winning the pitch.


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