• Noah's Ark in the great Genesis flood.

    The Future of Ad Agencies: Digital Flood

    Is the advertising agency business about to be swept up in a digital flood? I read with much interest Fast Company’s fascinating article misnamed “The Future of Advertising” when the […]

  • Think bigger.

    Want More Revenue? Do More Consulting!

    The phone calls into us always begin the same way. It’s an agency owner online who has a prospect for some agency services, and the prospect’s product or service is […]

  • Many agencies are feeling trapped.

    Are You Stuck in the Past? Check our list and see…

    Is your marketing firm thriving in this new world? Or is it stuck in the past, trapped by old perceptions long out of date? In this new world where clients […]

  • Or you could hire this guy.

    Ad Agency Branding: Lessons From Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

    Our industry is taking a beating, marketing firms are struggling, and many agencies are starting to ask how can we survive – missing the key ad agency unique value proposition. Take a […]

  • Following Gap: A Quick Thought on Brand Consulting

    Following Gap: A Quick Thought on Brand Consulting

    No longer do just companies battle each other in the marketplace. Today, brands do combat, and many clients faced with this changed landscape aren’t sure how to brand their goods […]

  • Grab the low hanging "new business" fruit.

    New Business Ideas: 49 Growth Tactics

    An important review of many often-forgotten marketing firm new business basics. Plus some other reminders that every business owner and new business pro needs to know. Use this list of our […]

  • A New Business Fable

    A New Business Fable

    Once upon a time, there was a nice advertising agency in an important city far, far away. The agency had four key partners named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. The […]

  • In new business never lose sight of the big picture.

    I’ll Win That New Business Pitch! Missing the Forest

    We’ve found that most presidents of firms in the marketing communications industry don’t really understand new business. And they don’t like it. They solve this problem by spending their time […]