• Understanding baseball opens up new ways for an agency to win new business.

    Ad Agency Baseball: The Secret to Winning New Business

    Most agencies focus on the pitch, the show, the new business presentation. This is putting the spotlight on the wrong place. By then, most of the really important decisions have […]

  • Now is the best time to go fishing for new business.

    New Business in Tough Times: 5 Ideas for Growth

    A recent B-to-B Magazine headline shouted, “Desperate ad agencies scramble for business.” There is no disputing that the current climate is the most challenging our industry has experienced in memory. The […]

  • Wake up. It's a new day in marketing.

    Creative Age | The Future Of Marketing

    Just as marketers are getting religion about the importance of social media, they are in danger of failing to see that social media is just a vehicle, not the solution. […]

  • Good luck with new business!

    A New Business Quiz

    Ad Agencies, PR, design, and digital firms, creative hot shops and more must become experts at finding prospects and winning new business. The competition has never been greater. Firms of all […]

  • Profiling the Client Relationship

    Profiling the Client Relationship

    The things you say, the way you look, the materials you present – all are part of chemistry. And the clients are watching. Your likeability, which you can control with client […]

  • Zen of New Business

    Zen of New Business

    The lack of agency growth is all about what takes place within an agency. It’s rarely what takes place outside an agency. Again and again, The impossible problem is solved. […]

  • Profiling is the key to unlock new business wins.

    Profiling the New Business Prospect

    Many advertisers try to be objective, but “chemistry is probably 50% to 60% of the decision factor” comments a retail marketing director. In a recent Ad Business Report survey of […]