Ad agency organic growth is the most misunderstood aspect of new business.

Develop a growth plan for your agency’s best clients.

In organic growth celebrate every small win.

What clients want from agencies are ideas to make their businesses grow. What agencies want from clients are opportunities to do great work and be fairly paid for their contribution to clients’ businesses. It is impossible for either of these to happen without a strong relationship among both parties. In order to obtain a strong relationship, an environment must be created that will breed success. It is the responsibility of agencies to create this environment.

How to Grow Existing Clients:

  • Organic growth is a game of singles and doubles. It’s small day-to-day wins and quick suggestions to changes in the market place that build the foundation for both retention and new organic growth.
  • Too many firms keep waiting for a big idea or homerun idea. They miss the point that singles and doubles are the foundation for home runs. Singles and doubles get the client in a receptive mood and help the client change perspectives about your value.
  • Singles and doubles provide important discipline. Organic growth requires a new discipline for the constant generating of suggestions for clients. And organic growth requires a discipline of flawless execution of the suggestions to clients.
  • Clients don’t measure how many suggestions they adopt. So don’t get caught up in worrying about whether or not your suggestions are being adopted. The client isn’t counting. They just want the suggestions to keep on coming.
  • Organic growth is everyone’s business. Just as it’s important for all hands to be involved in cost reduction, all hands should be charged with the responsibility of generating new growth ideas for existing clients.
  • Institutionalize organic growth. Build a measure into your evaluations on the number of organic growth ideas offered by each employee. And add in some bonus money for suggestions that were adopted and that added to the firm’s revenue. That will help make organic growth part of your DNA and that’s important.

Organic growth deserves a planned, organized approach at your firm. It really helps retention. The purpose of our training is to help agencies create this environment to keep clients and do great work.


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