• Take a step back and look in the mirror.

    Mirror Mirror: Why Agencies Need To Evaluate Their Own Image

    Take a step back and look in the mirror! When you’re getting your hair done and it looks like your hairdresser hasn’t tended to her own hair in weeks, it […]

  • Free your staff to be more creative, more proactive, more efficient.

    How To Be A Better Creative Firm

    In a post by Anita Zanesco, a Senior Consultant at TrinityP3, she asks the multi-million dollar question: “How do we get better work from our creative agencies?” Anita provides 3 […]

  • Make sure they want to come back.

    Ad Agency Growth: Training vs. Consulting

    It’s often been said, your most valuable assets walk out the door at five o’clock. Why don’t we treat them that way and develop a strong agency training program? American […]

  • Is the grass really greener on the other side?

    What Are The Real Assets In Your Marketing Firm?

    Constantly changing client demands, new marketing technology and shifting options are all circling overhead, demanding the attention of agency leaders. These red herrings have shifted the focus outward, away from […]

  • Tear down the walls - set your staff free.

    Structure Can Be The Enemy

    The agency had lost a key account that represented a large percentage of its revenue, and as a result it had been forced to reduce staff. Within 6 months they […]

  • What’s the real value of an idea?

    Are Ad Agencies Too Expensive?

    Many advertising agencies are starting to hear more and more that they are too expensive. Having worked with many of them we know most ad agency rates are reasonable. The […]

  • Must be Leap Year: Demise of the Ad Industry Being Reported

    Must be Leap Year: Demise of the Ad Industry Being Reported

    The advertising industry finds itself – yet again – at a crossroads, a confluence, a decision-point, a junction.  Attention is needed.  Assessment is necessary and action is required. After all, […]

  • Time for some positive change.

    Look At This Agency. Is It Yours?

    Your marketing firm will evolve and change over time – that’s a given. People come and go, you mature, perhaps getting a bit comfortable. After all, let’s face it…change is […]

  • Don’t let fear paralyze your firm. Take action now.

    Take Care of Your Own: Leadership!

    In this tough economy, employee training and development is the last thing on your mind. In fact, how many times have you thought or said to someone, “You should feel lucky to have […]