All successful new business pros, seem to have unlocked special ad agency new business tactics to winning.

secrets behind new biz pros

What are the secrets behind the new biz pros?

We often look at them and wonder how they learned to do what they are currently doing, and how they continue to stay successful at bringing in new business. The truth is that there are secrets to new business success, and these secret ad agency new business tactics have always been under our noses. We just need to give them a good look.

Secrets to Winning New Business:

Secret #1: Understand Chemistry

Most new business pros have a unique ability to find what we call “commonality” with prospects. This means they move to match profiles automatically. This is a secret skill they have mastered, and only the most versatile among us can do this with any hope of success. The good news is this is a learned skill, one that can be taught.

Secret #2: Understand Trust

Many agency leaders go into any prospect meeting prepared to ask many questions. While this is a viable skill, the secret lies not in the questions. The secret is in understanding that you must build trust BEFORE asking the tough questions. Matching profiles, establishing competency, sharing intent all must be accomplished prior to doing any discovery. Only after you have trust on your side can you start asking questions.

Secret #3: Understand Speed

Having the ability to think out of the box and generate a business solution FAST is an important secret to new business success. Most agencies will spend days, if not weeks working on a response to any prospect inquiry. By the time the response gets back on the prospect’s desk a whole new range of problems and issues have risen. All your work and thinking is moved to the back burner and often forgotten. Learn how to move fast and respond within 48 hours. Speed wins.

Secret #4: Understand Outreach

Many new business pros seem to have a strange form of hyperactivity and multitasking. They are always looking for the next big thing. This is an important secret. Most agency leaders remain focused on the current client issues, and perhaps a hot lead. The best new business pros are always looking to have many leads they are nurturing. This requires a robust lead-nurturing program, or outreach process.

Secret #5: Understand Patience

Agency folk work in a high-paced, high-energy environment. We’re used to the tempo of client demands, deadlines, and changing schedules. In new business, many leaders expect to start reaching out, find a few leads and close them overnight. But overnight in new business is more like three months or six months. Or years.  Any new business effort success we see is result of sustained effort over time. The leaders who master patience have uncovered an important secret in new business. They understand that without it, failure was the only outcome.

Final Thought:

Next time you sit down to plan your next steps in new business, review these secrets. If you start to implement them you’ll notice your results are consistently better than before.  Or better yet, give us a call and learn even more secrets to new business. Start with our DayOne and review the 12 keys (secrets) to new business now.


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