Learn how agencies grow by outscoring their competition with better new business processes – not better advertising or PR.

ad agency new business process

New business plans must be specific, actionable and written down.

Over the past many years Sanders Consulting Group has developed important new thinking on how agencies and PR firms really grow. This new thinking is concentrated in five critical processes.

If your firm is having difficulty implementing any of these processes, we can help. Our approach is to work with you in one and two day increments over the entire time your new business processes are being installed. We bring in new skills and new approaches in an orderly fashion. We don’t want to overwhelm the agency or interfere with your efforts to provide good service to clients.

We work with you to develop and then install the new business program. And then we help bring the agency together behind the effort. And we stick around long enough to be sure the new business program runs right.

The first step in the process starts with developing a roadmap for growth that the agency can follow. And that roadmap is called DayOne.

5 Critical Ad Agency New Business Processes:  

  1. THE OUTREACH PROCESS: The building of long-term relationships with a large number of prospects is now seen as the primary focus for any new business program. The ever changing social technology makes this more of an opportunity than ever.
  2. THE OPPORTUNITY PROCESS: The success of any agency new business program can be measured in opportunities. How many visits with prospects does an agency get? How many request presentations does the agency receive? The process for developing these opportunities is a critical growth skill.
  3. THE CHEMISTRY PROCESS: the importance of chemistry is now understood more than ever as agencies are selected primarily because “they better meet our expectations.” That’s a client’s way of describing chemistry. And the process of controlling chemistry is a vital growth skill.
  4. THE FIRST MEETING PROCESS: The importance of the face-to-face meeting between senior-level managers on the agency side with senior-level executives from the prospect’s firm cannot be overemphasized and where the new business win really occurs. Agency search consultants report that most senior agency executives don’t understand the process and therefore fumble the opportunity.
  5. THE FAST CLOSE PROCESS: Agencies with the skill to fast close accounts within 48-hours in some cases and 7-days in other cases are missing numerous growth opportunities. The only reason so many clients end up using formal reviews to select agencies and PR firms is that one or maybe two agencies missed the chance to close the account early because that firm had no fast close process in place and could not read the signals being flashed.

New business is a game of processes. And without proper new business processes, an agency doesn’t grow.

Final Note: If you do find your firm involved in a formal review, a pitch you really want to win, please make sure you understand the 12 keys to winning any presentation. And check out these other links to help you win:

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