• How many agencies are all trying to do the same thing?

    Stop Following the Formal Pitch Process!

    Most agencies look and act pretty much the same to most prospects – perhaps doing something differently can help you stand out and win. Let me share a short story to […]

  • Blow past the competition! Fast close more business.

    Fast Close More Agency New Business Wins

    Fast closing means closing prospects within 48-hours, or within 7 days at most, from the time of the first visit. That means you bypass formal presentations, proposal writing, long reviews, […]

  • Have a plan, work the plan, and enjoy the new business.

    Trick-Or-Treat Lessons for New Business

    Ask any child and they will tell you their game plan for the one night they get to go wild, be free, and collect as much booty as they can […]

  • Tough prospects are slow to trust people.

    DOs And DON’Ts On Visiting A New Business Prospect

    A client will never hire an ad agency. A client will always hire someone, whom they trust, who happens to work at an ad agency. The agency comes along with […]

  • Win More New Business!

    Win More New Business!

    You CAN win more new business! The books all state that the president of the agency has to do new business. The 4A’s state that you must have $10 million in billings […]

  • How To Win Clients Without A Formal Review

    How To Win Clients Without A Formal Review

    From a Logo to a Complete Brand Study in 48 Hours. It seemed like a simple assignment. A small design agency was called by a national insurance firm asking about […]

  • Learn how to control the energy in new business.

    How To Lose A Prospect You’ve Won

    The pitch went like clockwork, the prospect was ready to go, and the only thing standing in the way was “how much?” Then everything went south, fast. The agency president, […]

  • Painful Ad Agency Prospect Presentation Mistake

    Painful Ad Agency Prospect Presentation Mistake

    The head of account service (we’ll call him “Tom”) at a fast-moving regional agency was on a roll. Tom had just closed the largest account in the history of the […]

  • Start with a blank canvas and create a winning agency.

    Ad Agency Tour Wins Account

    With any aggressive agency new business program, you should be touring more people than you ever imagined. I’ve talked before about how important setting up a proper tour is for […]

  • Select A Growth Plan That Hits The Target

    Select A Growth Plan That Hits The Target

    Learn how agencies grow by outscoring their competition with better new business processes – not better advertising or PR. Over the past many years Sanders Consulting Group has developed important […]