• Leaders find a way around obstacles.

    Is Your Ad Agency On The Wrong Path?

    How do you know if your marketing firm needs a new vision? Some agency leaders may believe they already have a sense of direction. The feeling is often: “We’ve gotten […]

  • If you keep doing the same things everyone else is doing… oblivion awaits.

    Ad Agency, Differentiate or Die!

    Differentiate or Die! These stark words lay out the option many agencies face these days. Here’s why. Time and again your agency’s brand is the key decider on whether or not […]

  • Agencies don’t wake up one day and just go out of business. It happens by a thousand tiny cuts over time.

    Death by a Thousand Cuts: Shift to Value Based Pricing

    Times are tough, and traditional agencies of all sizes have been under pressure for years. And many have not survived. It’s been a slow death by a thousand cuts: pushed […]

  • Find a new direction for growth.

    That Time of Year: Planning New Business for the New Year

    It’s that time of year again – about to close out the end-of-year and start to think about next year. Ad agencies are trying to maintain, and grow, their piece […]

  • Learning only happens when we’re forced to rethink our beliefs about what we know to be true.

    GUEST POST: 12 Steps to Get the Most Out of New Business

    Every once and a while someone comes back into your circle of friends. Janet Fitzpatrick-Wilks was a client of ours back in the day. Sadly, we lost contact with her […]

  • Don't say I didn't warn you!

    The Perfect Ad Agency New Business Machine

    There is a reason why we both fear and respect the shark. Sharks are the ultimate predator, firmly sitting at the top of the ocean food chain. Just the mention […]

  • Make it as difficult as possible.

    Why Do So Many Ad Agency Websites Suck?

    The first place most prospects look is your website. So where is the basic information? Where is the client list? Where is the staff? Who is the CEO? It’s almost […]

  • Typical Ad Agency Organizational Structure Alternatives

    Typical Ad Agency Organizational Structure Alternatives

    Changing the organizational chart does NOT equal operational excellence. Structure is not the enemy, or the Holy Grail – it is only a tool that supports the brand. Structure provides […]

  • Tap into high performance!

    How Any Agency Can Survive in This New Era

    The marketing communications industry is experiencing change on a colossal scale. Not since the introduction of television have so many profound currents converged to change the course of the ‘traditional’ […]

  • Take the Plunge: Leap into the Future!

    Ad Agency Strategic Plan Development

    These are tough times for the traditional advertising firm. The fundamentals of marketing are changing, traditional forms of advertising no longer get the same bang-for-the-buck, and digital is gaining more […]