• Which Game of Thrones House is Your Agency Most Like?

    Which Game of Thrones House is Your Agency Most Like?

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” Cersei Lannister The only thing you really need to understand about the HBO series […]

  • We're great at everything!

    5 Ways to Help Brand Your Ad Agency

    The problem with branding a traditional advertising agency is there is nothing to hold on to – there is nothing tangible to grasp, shake, and define as being unique. The […]

  • Where is Your Ad Agency?

    Where is Your Ad Agency?

    A recent poll among agency leaders nationwide showed clearly the strong fault lines running through the industry. Leadership is not about theory. It’s about definable action a leader can take […]

  • It’s time to rethink your ad agency brand.

    Ad Agency Branding: Things I Think I Know Today, Could Change Tomorrow

    I recently wrote about how DraftFCB announced its new brand is now just FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding), totally dropping the iconic name Draft. In that article I wrote: Many […]

  • Change is inevitable. Leaders create order.

    Dazed And Confused: Tips For Running an Ad Agency

    During our work with thousands of high performing ad agencies (and scores of ‘lower’ performers), we have identified a few ingredients that help create a nimble and highly profitable firm. […]

  • Don’t just survive - soar.

    Undecided What To Do About New Business?

    One day can make a difference if you’re here: You see lots of business opportunities, but you aren’t sure how to tap into them Your new business batting average isn’t […]

  • Hawk Tails: Interview with Fred Goldberg

    Hawk Tails: Interview with Fred Goldberg

    Have you ever wondered what it was like in the crazy days of advertising during the greatest boom of our time?   I mean what it was really like? If […]

  • Advertising Agency Growth: How One Leader Did It

    Advertising Agency Growth: How One Leader Did It

    To grow your advertising agency (or PR, design, digital, etc), start with a professional evaluation. We call that professional evaluation a DayOne. Agencies who want to improve go through this […]

  • Dress appropriately for the occasion, but don’t be one of the crowd.

    That Wonderful Hollywood Ad Agency Image: Looking the Part

    It’s always been my personal view that because the ad business is so very visual, your outfit, meaning what you wear, sends a big message about you and your firm. […]

  • Start with a blank canvas and create a winning agency.

    Ad Agency Tour Wins Account

    With any aggressive agency new business program, you should be touring more people than you ever imagined. I’ve talked before about how important setting up a proper tour is for […]