• If you team is begging for new business help, what do you do?

    How to Tell Your Boss It’s Time for New Business Help

    There is no secret manual providing clear direction on how to build and grow a successful marketing communications firm. We feel agency leaders need to get their heads around the […]

  • Perhaps some rules of etiquette and conduct are needed in new business.

    Code of the New Business Professional

    I’ve worked in new business for many years, all over the world, and have had the pleasure of meeting some of the best and brightest. One of my greatest joys is […]

  • Sometimes it’s better to just say no and just walk away.

    The Prospect You Need To Turn Down

    Sometimes it’s better for an agency to just say NO to new business! There are times in every agency owner’s life that a prospect comes in and forces a gut […]

  • Ad Agency New Business Action Plan

    Ad Agency New Business Action Plan

    Now is the time to get your game-face on – kick off a new business action plan. Even if you’re exhausted from the holidays, in the hunt for new business […]

  • The future of ad agencies is uncertain.

    Agency2020: Agency of the Future

    There’s a new, smarter way to run an agency these days. Once, advertising agencies had it all. Agencies were the envy of the business world, until others started preying on […]

  • Learn some new directions for growth.

    Agency Life: Sometimes Results Speak for Themselves

    There are times when providing new directions in agency growth can be very rewarding. Our tag line is “New Directions For Agency Growth.” What this means is we work hard to really […]

  • Don't let frustration get in the way of doing smart new business.

    Stop Doing New Business the Stupid Way

    Everyone knows that in order to grow a successful marketing firm, hard work is the key ingredient. After all, it takes lots of elbow grease and burning the midnight oil […]

  • Isn't it about time you got started on that new business program?

    Don’t Make Agency New Business a “Do-It-Yourself” Project

    New business isn’t advertising. In fact, new business is totally different from advertising. That’s why the typical agency president should not do new business – alone. Agency professionals just don’t have […]

  • Unleash your ad agency.

    The Real Reason Ad Agencies Struggle

    Why is it so difficult to get stuff done? Why do so many leaders find it hard to communicate and execute in today’s ad agencies? It all starts at the top. […]

  • Your job is to fill the room with magic.

    Agency Life: Your New Business Presentation Sucked

    Another new business loss – and the prospect will never tell you that your presentation sucked. Rather the prospect will say, “Their creative was better.” Or maybe you heard that […]