Fast closing means closing prospects within 48-hours, or within 7 days at most, from the time of the first visit.

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Blow past the competition! Fast close more business.

That means you bypass formal presentations, proposal writing, long reviews, waiting for a response, and save weeks of time. And that’s a big savings in energy and money. And the best part is that fast closing isn’t about the size of the account. Larger accounts, well into the multimillion dollar range, seem to fast close quickest of all.

The Problem Is On The Agency Side.

The problem isn’t on the client side, but it’s on the agency side because so few agencies understand the fast close process. Agencies typically find a good prospect, have a nice first meeting with that prospect, and then wait for something to happen (if you don’t understand the importance of the first visit read more on how to play Agency Baseball).

More often than not, something does happen… and it’s not good for your agency. That good first visit stimulates the prospect to move forward with a formal agency review and you end up taking a number and getting in line with all the other agencies that are being invited to the chase. That’s a crazy way to run new business.

Fast Close More Agency New Business Wins.

The alternative is to learn how to fast close accounts right from the start from Sanders Consulting Group. We’ll show you how to do a better first visit that leaves you with reasons to get back to see the prospect within 48-hours. At this meeting, armed with our process sheet format and proper understanding of chemistry, watch the account drop into your lap.

Avoid RFPs and Proposals.

No more RFPs. No more proposals. No more waiting for prospects to call back. In fact, you’ll get to the point where if you can’t fast close a prospect, you aren’t interested. You know waiting around for a prospect to call you is like bleeding at the water hole: It’s a slow new business death. The only thing worse is having to prepare a proposal. That adds insult to injury. Don’t you know that proposals are for losers?

Learn to Read the Signals.

There’s more to the process, especially in learning on how to set up the 7-day close. For example, you need to know when a prospect is ready for fast closing. You find out by looking for the green and amber lights that prospects flash when asked one simple question.

All of these skills are taught in a two-day, on-site program called Torch from Sanders Consulting Group. Here the emphasis is on  showing everyone who comes into contact with prospects how to win the account right from the first contact. For more information about Torch, call Sanders Consulting Group at 412.897.9329.


Speedo photo by Nathan E and used under creative commons.