From a Logo to a Complete Brand Study in 48 Hours.

win without a review

Fast close or stay sitting on the tracks?

It seemed like a simple assignment. A small design agency was called by a national insurance firm asking about how to redesign their logo. The agency went in after our Torch training well prepared for what we call a “quiet visit.”

During the course of the meeting it quickly became apparent that the problem was not the logo, rather it was a confusing brand. They quickly established trust (profiling), and started asking the tough questions. After probing about the brand, needs, process, timing, and budget, the agency departed, reveling nothing (following the rules for quiet visits – never give away ideas!)

That afternoon they followed up with a well crafted Quick Response Conference Report – all detailed in our training. They followed the guide perfectly – touched on all the pain points without reveling anything about what they would be proposing. Basically pouring more fuel on the fire, their needs, and creating urgency.

During the follow-up call, they suggested a meeting the next day to discuss a possible solution they were working on. The prospect agreed. Right out of the 48-hour fast close playbook.

The 3 agency team members walked into a large conference room, expecting a meeting with only their first contact. Instead, the entire board was there! Taking the initiative, the agency requested the board leave so they could set up properly. Taking control, owning the room, standing firm. A hush fell over the massive conference room. The agency president was never so scared, did they blow it? The chairman stood up telling everyone it made sense. Quietly, all the members filed out.

The agency proceeded to hang sheets of hand written flip-chart paper all over the walls. Never had this team been in this situation, and they all felt the oncoming train wreak. When they were ready the board returned and watched as the agency took them through the plan. Sheet after sheet was reveled, each one following a logical process. Questions were asked and answered. At the end the room was filled with great ideas, how to proceed, and outlining how this cluttered brand could be refocused. It was all there, out in the open. Easy to understand. Easy to follow.

In the end, the board exclaimed they were amazed at the amount of work done in such a short amount of time and could they please think about it? The agency departed with the sheets, wondering what to do next.

Before the day was over, the chairman called the agency and gave them the go-ahead – launch Phase 1 of the complete brand study. The largest project in the firm’s history was just won.

Understanding How To Fast Close Really Helps New Business

There are many advantages to your firm understanding how to fast close. Here are just a few: 1) it’s quick; 2)inexpensive; 3) less trouble for the agency; 4) usually exceeds prospect expectations dramatically; 5) fun to do; and 6) starts the relationship off in a collaborative manner.

It’s the agency’s leader’s responsibility to operate the fast close process. They lead the agency to win the account. The ability to successfully lead an agency to win without a formal review, fast close, an important pieces of business is a critical skill set important to long-term success. If you’re interested in learning how to set your agency up to win without formal reviews, give us a call at 412.897.9329 or email us at [email protected]


Photo by clippercarrillo